May 17, 2015 Sabine Lake, Sabine Pass - Windy, rain, flood tides,fresh water, no reason to go fishing. Took Mrs. Capt. Hebert (nobody else wanted to go) Sunday afternoon around 3:00. She griped about the weather and it is going to rain again, all the way to the boat ramp. It was not raining when we got there. When it did rain, we were already catching Redfish, sometimes double hook ups. We lost as many as we caught, which was O.K., because it was non-stop action. Caught some nice Specks that were mixed in with the Reds.

November, 2017 Fall is in full swing. Smaller flocks of birds are working all over and could be anywhere in Sabine Lake. From the North end to the South end. The birds are following the shrimp. So are Gaff Tops, Sand Trout, Speckled Trout and Redfish. Everything is on the move. We have been catching as many Speckled Trout as Redfish. Live Shrimp will go fast, any of your favorite artificial lures should be fine. Gulp anything works really well most any time. Top Dogs, Skitter Walks, and Spooks are worth throwing in right now, especially early in the morning. For anyone that is wading the shorelines, be extra careful for stingrays. For some reason, we have been catching more than usual anywhere the Flounder may be. 

  October 21,2017 Sabine lake is getting better and better. We caught about an equal amount of Specks, Redfish, and Flounders. Water is in good shape pretty much all over the lake. Caught more keeper Speckled Trout, although we did catch a lot of undersized Trout. Same way with the Flounder and Redfish. I would say it was almost 50/50 chance of a keeper or under size fish of all species. Curly Tail Gulp worked as well as live shrimp for the Redfish and Flounder. Did run into a big flock of Gulls working Keeper Speckled Trout. Winds were strong, waves were 3'- 4', made it hard to keep up with the school. Fall fishing is coming together on Sabine Lake, so everything should just keep getting better. Did manage an ice chest full of Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder.

October 15,2017  Speckled Trout are back on the menu.

​for about the first thirty minutes, I could no wrong, then ....? The action was fast and aggressive. bait jumping out of the water, fish jumping out of the water, a lot of excitement, but it  did not last long enough. No birds, just happened to be in the right spot at the right time. The North End of Sabine Lake is very clear. the South End is not bad at all (just not as clear). I think the fish are adjusting to the salinity of the water just fine. There were some birds working, but they were moving fast. A lot of small Specks, but some slot Redfish were mixed in. Got some "Top Dog" Top Water action in. it is always a blast catching Trout on Top Water Lures. Small Trout were chasing schools of shrimp. The Speckled Trout had their bellies full of mullet and small fish. From here on out, it should just get better and better. Short trip, but long enough to know the Speckled Trout are back, and here to stay in sabine Lake.

​October 7, 2017 Redfish are ​October 7, 2017 Redfish are at the top of the food chain. just about everywhere I went, there were Redfish. The water was so clear, you could easily see 6 feet to the bottom. It was like fishing in an aquarium. I saw several schools of Black Drum and Sheepshead swim right by. I watched several lone 30" Redfish just cruise right by, almost under the boat. I did not move, they did not get alarmed. I watched a Sting Ray swim right along the bottom. When I say, it was like I was in an aquarium, I am not exaggerating. I got to Sabine Lake late in the morning and left early with my limit of Redfish. After I limited on Reds, I tried catching Speckled Trout. I did catch some Specks, but they were small. Winds were calm, water was super clear.


​​​September 23, 2017, first time fishing since Harvey. Water was pretty much as I expected. Fresh, brown water still coming down. Winds were calm, except for a couple of passing thunder storms. I did not see a lot of bait running around. I did see one big shrimp, and some smaller shrimp getting chased across the water. Got to the  Sabine Pass Jetties kind of late. Caught a 28" Redfish and a lot of Gafftops. After messing with the Gafftops, we went to Sabine Lake. Started catching Redfish around 10:00 and did not stop catching them till around 3:00, when we left them still biting. Caught Reds on just about everything we threw in the water. There were not as many Gafftops and Hardheads in the lake, which was fine with me. Most of the Reds were in a foot or two of water, right next to the bank. Everywhere we stopped against the shoreline, we caught Redfish. One good size Stingray, so if you go wading, be extra careful. this last year or so, I have been catching quite a few Stingrays, especially in very shallow water. A couple of reports of some Flounder runs last week, but not so much this week. The Flounder's should start moving in pretty steady. The Redfish are no problem to catch, and there are plenty of all sizes. Really did not spend a lot of time looking for Speckled Trout because everyone was happy catching Redfish, maybe next weekend? 

August 17&18, 2017 Galveston West Bay Speckled Trout. Water was a bit sandy, as the wind never stopped blowing out of the west. Spent a couple of days fishing Galveston West Bay and caught some nice Speckled Trout. We went right to Carancahua Reef with some live shrimp. Did not have to go any where else. Made a few drifts, and everybody caught Trout. Did catch a few hard heads, drum, and croakers. But, you get that if the Trout bite slows down. Speckled Trout are the same every where you go, if you find some hungry ones. Maybe I will go back next year, but in the mean time, I will fish Sabine Lake. 

July 22,2017 Sabine Pass & Sabine lake, still dodging thunderstorms and some high winds when one comes close by. Makes fishing difficult sometimes, but worth it if you are catching. Saturday went back and forth to the Sabine Pass Jetties because of fast approaching storms. I don't think I have seen as many shrimp boats in one place in a long time. several times, even with the wind and current kicked up, I saw shrimp jumping out of the water.Dante' Jr. caught his first Redfish, and Dante Sr. caught the most Speckled Trout in his life. There are more smaller Specks being caught. Ratio of big Trout to smaller ones has changed to 50/50. Last week is was about 10 big ones to 1 small one. Usually the summer Trout fishing, you catch 3-5 little ones to 1 keeper, so things are still pretty good. If the conditions are good, it is hard to beat the Jetties this time of year. If there are strong winds, it may not be the safest place to test your boating skills.

July 15, 2017 Sabine Pass Jetties, thunderstorms all around, Speckled Trout all in one place. First Stop, Sabine Pass Jetties, sharks and Nice Big Speckled Trout. Caught fish from the time we got there, and right up to the time we had to leave because of the wind and the weather. But, it was so good, while it lasted. Most of the Specks were 20"- 22".  After one shark ate half of a Trout while fighting it to the boat, we thought every fish would be eaten before we got them to the boat. Fished Sabine Pass and the South End of Sabine Lake, while dodging thunder storms. No birds really working, and  winds from thunder storms not helping. Could not catch anything but Lady Fish. July and August are prime time Jetty fishing months, with more calm wind days and favorable water conditions. The Jetties draw fish from all over. 

July 1, 2017 Redfish Madness, in Sabine Lake. Jetties was muddy, Sabine Pass kind of slow, Sabine Lake was on fire. First cast, right into an angry Redfish. For the next half hour, we caught Slot Reds at will. Twice we had double hookups. the second time was on purpose. David was waiting for Anna, so they could cast at the same time, just to see who could catch the biggest Red first. All the Redfish were in casting distance from the bank. We just threw out the anchor, and caught Redfish till they got tired of catching them. We kept the first 6, then caught and released  another 6 or 7. After ll the excitement, david wanted to catch some Flounder. So, we moved away from the Redfish, so we could catch some Flounder. David and Anna were not disappointed.  David caught 2 just under 20", one he could see laying on the bottom. We lost a good Speckled Trout (had to be a good 5lbs.). All the fish were caught on live shrimp or Gulp, except for the Big Speck we missed. the Speck was caught on about a 6" Croaker we caught, and threw back out.

June 9-18, 2017  Before Tropical Storm Cindy. Sabine Pass Jetties fishing, more off than on. strong south winds most of June did not help. even with the water off color, fishing was still pretty good. you may have to work a little to find them, but there are plenty of speckled Trout, Redfish, and quite a few Flounder. Live Shrimp caught just about everything. most of the fish were caught close to the bank on the South End of Sabine Lake. Sabine Pass, really did not really kick in, although there were some good reports of Flounder. Cyclone Cindy may just stir some things up. locally, Sabine Lake did not get much rain out of the storm. Sabine Lake missed the worst part of the storm. There are plenty of Redfish, all over Sabine Lake, all the way to Sabine Pass Jetties. There are more Flounder than usual for this time of year. The Speckled Trout are a little more elusive, and seem to be moving around a bit. One day they are on one side, the next day, they are some where else. Birds are the same way. One day, the birds are working, the next day, you can't find one. Best thing, don't count on the birds, go fishing with a plan A, plan B, plan C, and so forth.

​June 4, 2017 Sabine open Lake, birds working large shrimp. Rain an wind, did not slow the fishing down. Although with the first signs of lightning, we headed home. Live Shrimp only caught Gaff Topps, while soft plastics took all the Speckled Trout. Had to leave Birds working and fish jumping out of the water, when it started to thunder and lightning. caught a few nice Specks, but most of the Trout were undersized.


​​​​​​May 29, 2017 Delayed start, because of really bad weather all around. Did manage to catch some Specks and Redfish. If we did not take my grandaughter fishing, we would never hear the end of it. She caught her first fish all by herself. It is never to early to bring kids fishing, especially if they express any interest at all. barely got a sprinkle on the way out, weather was not bad, we got to fish for a few hours. Besides Memorial Day, this was a little girls weekend to spend with Dads and Grand Pa's.

May 27,2017 Cloudy, overcast, strong south winds, did not slow us down. Really nice Dad and Daughter fishing day. Started off non-stop Speckled Trout and Redfish action. Caught a lot of undersized Trout and Reds. that did not slow down the smiles and grins of Dad and Daughter. A school of Redfish passed by, bending every rod in the water. Nothing like the excitement of a school of Redfish. Ran through 2 quarts of shrimp by 2:00, we had a nice box of Trout, and kept one Redfish and a really nice Flounder.

May 21, 2017 South End, Storm Fronts heading towards us, outgoing tide, so we had to hurry. Started catching Speckled Trout right off the bat. Live Shrimp and a popping Cork, in about 8' of water, worked well. When the Speck Action slowed down, we found Redfish in shallow water, about 2' deep. Went back to the deeper water over shell and oysters, and started catching Trout, all over again. We caught at least 4-5 small Trout, to 1 keeper Speck. Ended up with a nice box of Specks from 16"-18". Must have caught 40 Trout, and at least a dozen Reds. Never caught a Red over 18", but had a little fun catching the smaller Reds in 2' of water. Pretty much caught fish till about noon, right before the really bad weather hit. Not a bad day for 100% rain, and we barely got a sprinkle (before we left). 

March 26, 2017 Slow start, but did not take long to make a really good day of fishing. Speckled Trout were mostly 20"+. Big Trout holding fairly close to the shore line. No birds where I was catching Trout. The Redfish are another story. Lots of birds chasing schools of small Specks and Big Reds on the South End of Sabine Lake. No shortage of boats chasing birds and Redfish. Birds are extremely easy to chase off, if you put any pressure on them at all. If you can keep your distance, you can stay with them a whole lot longer. The front that moved through yesterday, did not change things up much. It did move the bigger Specks in to feed. The Trout bite seemed to stop around 9:00, but the Reds never really stop. 

March 19, 2017 Fantastic morning, foggy, light to no wind, warm, very warm. Perfect conditions for Topwater Speckled Trout action, not disappointed. Top Dog's got the most action. I had one Trout knock it 2 feet high, out of the water. Lost some nice Trout, but caught more than I lost. The bigger Trout nailed the Top Dog, without hesitation. Birds are working  more consistent, and on cue. a lot of small Specks under the birds. The birds are easily run off, so you should give them plenty of room, if you need their help. All the Trout caught were not under the birds, but rather fishing an area with Trout. It is fairly easy to find feeding specks right now. Work your favorite fishing spots with a Top Water and see if you get any hits. If not, move on. If you do, then work the area till you catch them all. 

March 11,2017 Rain, Rain, Rain, all day long. Nothing heavy, just wet all day. Tide was way out in the morning, water color and clarity, not bad, not great, and another cold front was approaching. Started off catching Speckled trout on Bass Assassin's "Opening night". Caught several more on Curly Tail Gulp. The bite slowed down and we could not even get a bite? Took a late lunch break, and things turned around in an instant. The tide came in, the water was up, and the fishing turned on. Everybody was gone? I did not see another fisherman for a couple of hours? The speckled Trout were going through live shrimp, every cast. When the shrimp ran out, they were hitting Gulp under a cork. Then, just for kicks, started throwing a Top Water "Top Dog". the Trout were mostly slapping it around with a couple of takers making the full commitment. with nobody in sight, I was watching a flock of gulls off in the distance just flying around , not doing much diving, but just hung around an area. Went to check it out, and sure enough, you could see the specks schooling (in between the white caps), breaking the water. After catching a couple of specks on Rattle Traps. Threw a Top Dog, caught a couple more Trout, then a Nice Redfish went crazy over it. The morning was good with about 1/2 dozen specks. The afternoon was way better, with over a dozen Trout, a slot Red, and an 18" Flounder. Despite the rain, the wind was not to bad, the fishing was on, off, then really good.  

February 18, 2017 Perfect Beautiful Saturday, Spring like weather. Grand Slam times 2, but we had to work for it. Fish were all over Sabine Lake, but we did not find a lot in any one place. January was the best Speckled Trout month in a long time. February, everything is biting, we are in a early Spring mode. We caught 5 really nice Flounder, with most being 18"-20". The Flounder were scattered almost everywhere. We were not really fishing for Flounder, but that was what we caught the most of. Flounder were close to the shoreline, and out in the lake. The Redfish ( one 27") were all caught fairly close to the shore lines. There definitly were more Rat Reds than Slot Reds. We caught a couple of nice Speckled Trout, but missed any schools of Trout. The weather was perfect, the fishing was a little slow, but everyone caught some of everything. Pictures came out great for the Trahan Family, but the fish did not show up well (Flounder would curl up, Reds made the other fish look small)? Everyone had a really great day enjoying the Early Spring Day on the water. 

January 13, 2017 Foggy mornings, warm temperatures, strong east and southeast winds, high water, and still catching Speckled Trout. BigTop Dogs, Mirror Dines, and little Soft Dines, all working well. As long as we do not get a flood or extended freezing temperatures, we should continue catching some nice Speckled Trout. Mullet and shad imitations seem to be working better on the bigger trout. This is the time of year the Trout feed on mullet and shad since shrimp are usually kind of scarce this time of year. Natural color lures have been doing well. I have been using the Top Dogs to find aggressively feeding Trout. If the Specks slap it around, smack it, or peck at it, that will be your "Fish Here Sign". Bite was off and on. Wen it was on, it did not matter if you fished fast or slow. The Trout would just hammer your lure.

January 1, 2017 Started off with a "Bang" with all the Speckled Trout Action you could ask for. First cast of 2017, Speckled Trout hit my Top Dog.  The Topwater Bite was incredible, with Speck "Slapping" or downright "Swallowing" Top Dogs. If I did not get a hit on every cast, I would throw a Mirror Dine, or Soft Dine. more cast than not, I would get a hit, or a hook up. Fishing in the fog, the water was smooth as glass, you could see the Trout swim under the Top Dog taking a look at it, before they would come back and smack it. The wind would pick up and turn ripples into waves, it did not slow down the bite. The wind would calm back down, the fog would move back in, it was just like how the morning started. fishing in 6'-8' of water, the trout felt like you pulled them out of the icebox. The fish were "Cold", but their action was "Hot". a very aggressive bite, and went on for over two hours. I left them biting in the fog and smooth calm water.

November 26, 2016 Redfish, Flounder, Redfish, Flounder, all day long. I think the Flounder are following the Redfish, that are following shad and shrimp. Definitely a pattern starting to emerge. Inbetween catching big Redfish, we would catch 1, 2, or 3 Flounder, out in the open Sabine Lake. We ran into schooling Redfish breaking the surface from the east Louisiana Shoreline, all the way to Pleasure Island on the west side of Sabine Lake. When the Reds were schooling at the surface, they would hit anything you could get to them with. When we were not sight casting schools of Reds, we caught Flounder and Reds with small shrimp, bumping on the bottom. Lainey from Dallas, and Ashley from Virginia, for the first time in their lives, caught some really nice Redfish, Flounder,   Speckled Trout, and Sand Trout. 

November 19,2016 Wind Advisory, Small Craft warnings, 30+mph North Winds, Cold, water level dropped a couple of feet, Super Moon, so we probably should have all stayed home, but glad we did not. Got to Sabine Lake, probably the last person at the ramp Saturday morning. We were met with a flock of birds working, and Gwen caught a Flounder! Winds were 30mph+, made working birds a little difficult, so we opted for some fishing along the Louisiana Shoreline to duck out of the wind. It was a lot easier to fish, but not very productive. The further we would get pushed into the lake, the more we started catching fish.The more fish we caught, the less the wind mattered. We got blown all over Sabine Lake, catching mostly slot reds, mostly around 25". Some were over 30", I don't think we caught a Red under 20". For every Redfish we caught, I think we caught a Flounder. There were  more throw back Flounders, but we ended up with almost as many Flounders as Redfish. Again, most everything we caught were in 6'-8' of water out in the wind, out in Sabine Lake. The water was in pretty good shape for clarity and color.

Live Shrimp worked the best, although we did catch a few on soft plastics. I did not expect limits of Flounder and Redfish, and a couple of Slams, but you never know, unless you go! People ask me when the best time to go fishing is. I tell them anytime you can go, that is the best time to go. Always be respectful of weather conditions, but if you are familiar with your surroundings, you can fish just about anytime.

November 12,2016 Beautiful day, beautiful weather, a little Breezy,but not bad at all. Did not take long to find a flock of Gulls diving in a school of Slot Redfish. Double hook-up, one on a Skitterwalk, the other on a diving plug. Small shrimp were being scattered by Trout and Redfish, everywhere. Still a lot of fun in two feet of water. went from flock to flock of Gulls catching small Trout and Reds. Lost all the birds after a while, then it all started again. Except The Reds were bigger and jumping out of the water. Hooked into a Big Red that took off like a Freight Train. The birds dwindled down again, but we started catching Speckled Trout. Then , while trying to catch some Flounder against the bank, we hooked into another Freight Train Redfish in about a foot of water on a Gulp Curly Tail. The water looked pretty good all over Sabine Lake. The water is cooling off, the birds are working in mostly small areas, mostly over small schools of shrimp and baitA couple of strong Cold Fronts, should really get the fish motivated.

November 5,2016 Could not ask for nicer weather, after a mild cold (cool) front. Got a late start, around 11:00, but did not seem to matter much. First cast produced a 27" Redfish on live shrimp and a popping cork. Most of the fish we caught were on live shrimp. The Mirror Dine lures are still getting results when thrown in a school of mullet or shad. There is no shortage of schools of bait fish, all over Sabine Lake. Did see a school of Reds chasing shrimp almost jumping on the bank. after about 50 yards, we lost them. Half the fish were caught close to the bank, half of the fish were in 5'-6' of water. Do not count on working birds this year, like in every past year. There should be hundreds of Gulls, all over chasing shrimp. Not this year, if you see a bird actually working, it is just plain luck. Schools of shrimp, just have not materialized this year. You should have a plan A, B, C, D, etc.. and not count on the annual Fall shrimp migration in Sabine Lake. There are plenty of Slot Redfish, and the Specks are mostly Legal Texas Size. If you work schools of Bait Fish, or Fish Slicks, you should end up with a box of fish. The weather is great, and so is the fishing. 

October 30, 2016 Limit of Specks and back home before noon to cook them. Caught about half on live shrimp. The other half caught on Mirror Dine lures. Suspending shad and mullet imitations did the trick. Foggy early, and when the fog lifted, I found some birds actually working some keeper Specks. Trout are all over Sabine Lake, and more and more are in the 20" plus range. Some Speckled Trout were fat, and had a lot of fat in the stomach lining. The Trout action is aggressive if you find them.

October 15,2016 Water Temperatures cooling off, fishing is heating up. Sabine Pass, the Speckled Trout were hungry for most of the morning. The Specks were really thick, probably fattening up for the winter. After things slowed down, we headed to Sabine Lake. Seemed like there were more boats than fish on the South End of Sabine Lake. We did not feel the excitement, maybe we were to late, so we did not stay long. Fished the rest of the day on the Louisiana Shoreline, and did pretty good. It was not long before we ran into a school of slot Reds. They ranged from 21"-26" and were fat, like footballs. Caught fish close to the bank, caught just as many in the open lake, in 6'-8' of water. So, the fish are scattered, with schools of Trout and Redfish, also scattered. Again, we  caught fish all day. Most everything we caught were on live shrimp. The school of Redfish, did not care what you threw at them. With a Full moon, relatively clear blue skies, no birds working (if you don't count Pelicans), still had a pretty good day. Ended up with an icebox full of Specks and Reds, with a bonus Flounder. We really did not spend a lot of time fishing for Flounder. The Flounder run has not really started yet, but should anytime now.   

October 9, 2016 Took the Grand Kids fishing Sunday afternoon to catch some Redfish. Anytime you get to spend the day with the youngsters on the water, it is time well spent, and time every one remembers. They did really good. They got to eat everything they wanted, the got to play in the water, they got to play with everything in the boat, and they even got to fish. This was a catch and release day, for the Redfish, the kids, and the adults. Hope we can get them together again, real soon. Had lots of fun, for a  Sunday afternoon.

October 8,2016 Bright sun shiny day, 10-15 mph north wind. Started off kind of slow, catching small Reds, Flounder, and Speckled Trout. We were using mostly artificial everything. Did catch a few Trout and Redfish on Skitterwalks, which is a lot of fun and action. Birds were working shrimp. You could see the shrimp jumping out of the water, but we could not catch anything, but small Trout, and small Redfish. So, today, the "working" birds were of little to no help. The biggest Trout was caught on a Mirror Dine, and the Speck, literally broke it in half (never seen that before). The later in the day, the better the bite got. We started catching some nice Specks close to the shoreline. The bigger Specks were in 3'-5' of water. Fishing slicks and schools of mullet were the key to catching, instead of just fishing. 

September 17, 2016 Again, what a lightning show before the sun came up on Saturday morning. A long line of thunder storms were making their way from the Gulf of Mexico, onto the Louisiana shoreline. With only heavy cloud cover, it was nice and cooler for us, most of the day. The Redfish are still dominating the South End of Sabine Lake. Speckled Trout over 15" are also showing up more. A Full Harvest Moon, did not seem to hurt the fishing. Live Shrimp, Live Mullet, Gulp either on the bottom, or under a popping cork, all worked well. Three generations of the Atkins family caught some nice  Redfish. We did run right into a school of decent Specks for a little while. Birds are still working, mostly Lady Fish, but there are schools of Redfish and Trout, that may or may not be working under the birds. 


August 27, 2016 Strong Thunderstorms off the coast of Sabine Pass, pretty much all day. We barley got a light sprinkle the whole day. It was overcast and breezy, which made for a very comfortable day in August. We started out catching Redfish and ended up catching Redfish. Throw in a couple of Flounders and a Speckled Trout, you could still call it a Red Fish Day. Started off catching Reds on soft plastics, mostly Gulp. Then Live Shrimp was getting all the action. We ran out of Live Shrimp, so we were putting Dead Shrimp on a Popping Cork and were catching even bigger Slot Reds? Fishing in the mouths of Bayous, trying to dodge the stiff north wind all morning. We tried our luck in the Sabine Ship Channel. We went from Slot Reds, to Bull Reds, Catch and Release. The birds were working South of the Causeway, but the stiff North Wind was not worth fighting. The Specks we caught were small and scattered.

August 7, 2016 Last 3 weeks have been catching fish day time, night time, Sabine Pass Jetties, Sabine Lake, and surrounding Marshes.The fish are spread out all over. If you can stand the heat, you can catch fish just about any where. Sabine Jetties, Redfish and Speckled Trout are on the Texas and Louisiana sides.  Also inside the channel and outside the channel, depending more on the wind. Light House Cove is on and off like a light switch. Night fishing has been producing some decent size Trout and Redfish. Fishing under lights in the Sabine Pass area. Water is finally green and staying green. Birds are working steady on the south end. If you are fishing the birds, you will be catching your share of Lady Fish as well. Just about everything we used has caught fish. Live shrimp has been the most reliable, but Gulp, Rattle Traps, Croaker, VuDoo Shrimp, Bass Assasins, Super Spooks,  pretty much anything will work somewhere's. If the heat is getting to you, go night fishing under dock lights. In the daytime, if the winds are calm, hit the Sabine Jetties. If the wind picks up, Sabine Lake and the surrounding marshes are very active right now. There are a lot of small Specks and Reds, a lot of Shad, a lot of everything. The fishing should just keep getting better and better.

July 17,2016 Sabine Pass Jetties, first destination. Water color, some green, winds blowing, but not bad, first cast, a shark. Then it went downhill from there. worked our back through the Sabine Pass Ship Channel and back to Sabine Lake. Caught a few small Reds, Specks, and Flounder, but nothing to put in the ice box. Really did not catch anything decent till in the after noon. Then, in one place, you could not do anything wrong. Steady non-stop Speckled Trout action. with the anchor out, we caught Speck after Speck, with a Redfish mixed in every once in a while. Live Shrimp was on the menu. We could not give them away all day, so we had lucky we had plenty. When the shrimp finally ran out, so did the bite.  When things slowed down, we chased some birds, chasing shrimp. Showers all around, but we never got rained on. It did keep things a little cooler.

June 25,2016 "I changed the name of my website" It is now, I had to drop the "S" in charters. More fish than people this weekend! Speckled Trout topped the list, Finally. Did catch quite a few Redfish, but they did not make the slot. live Shrimp on a popping cork did well in the morning. A lot of action, a lot of fish. As the day went on, artificial lures, was the way to keep catching the Specks.  Water is still messed up, but did not seem to bother the fish. I found some better (clearer water), but did not catch a fish. So, back to the muddy water. Did locate waves of mullet. That helped catch a few more Trout. Most of the fish we caught were in 2'-4' of water. Bass Assassins in Strawberry/ Chartreuse and Bright Yellow split tail mullet soft plastics caught fish all day. It looked like the Flounder moved out of Sabine Lake. This is the first trip in a long time, I have not caught Flounder. Lots of Speckled Trout, a ton of Rat Reds, and no Flounder? Did not see one bird working anywhere. But schools and schools of Mullet were on the move.

June 1, 2016 More people than fish this weekend. Did manage to catch some nice Redfish, Flounder, and Speckled Trout, but had to work for them. Birds are of little or no help. Best way I found fish, was to work some of my favorite areas where the fish should be. The fish were there, but the bite was soft. There is a lot of fresh water, but what is new about that. The fishing seemed to be better in the less dirty water. When  I see the water less muddy or stained, I will spend more time there. Managed to go through four quarts of shrimp and packages of Gulp. Caught everything in 2'-4' of water, mostly over mud and shell, mostly next to flooded grassy shorelines. The more bait in the water, the better the fishing. Live Shrimp pretty much saved the weekend. If Flounder is your thing, then Gulp anything is the way to go.

May 22, 2016 Redfish Dominate Sabine Lake and surrounding marshes. Water is still high, or flood stage. Brown shrimp still running everywhere. Birds here and there, mostly chasing shrimp and small Reds and Trout. Gulp Paddle Tails have been doing really well, but Live Shrimp are doing well also. Most of the fish we are catching are in less than four feet of water. Still a lot of Flounder along the grassy shorelines. The Speckled Trout I have been catching are in schools. If I catch one, I will catch a bunch. Still a lot of small shrimp being chased out of the water. Small Shad schools popping up, soon it will be big schools of big shad. 

May 7,2016 Fish are almost everywhere. From the North End of Sabine Lake, all the way to the Sabine Pass Jetties. Marsh Drains and along the edges of the marsh are full of Flounder. The North End as well as the Sabine Pass Jetties are producing some solid Trout. Throw in some Bull Reds at the Jetties, and you can fish for anything you like. Right now it is like the best of Spring and Summer. There is still a lot of fresh water, dirty water,clear water, and some really salty water. We went through lots of Gulp Swimming Mullets, Paddle Tails, and Live Shrimp. Birds are working here and there, but mostly small Speckled Trout, with a few larger Trout and Redfish mixed in. In one 1/4 mile stretch of Louisiana Shoreline, we must have caught 25+ Flounder. One out of three or four were Legal Texas Size, and a lot of 13-1/2" Flounder .

April 16, 2016   Sabine still holding a lot of fresh water, but the fish seem to be adjusting. Caught all these on a Gulp 4" Paddle Tail, Root Beer & Copper Color.Caught most of them in one spot, in about thirty minutes. The fish are there, the only problem is finding them. But that is half the fun, trying to figure out where the fish are. South of the Causeway, near the ship channel, there is plenty of saltwater to hold the Speckled Trout. The Trout will move back and forth from the deeper saltwater to the shallow fresh water. That is exactly what the fish did last year, when we had Sabine Lake inundated with fresh water.

April 10,2016  Flounder still at the top of the fishing list. Strong South Winds are good and bad. Strong incoming tides with strong south winds, are pushing saltwater straight from the Gulf of Mexico, right into Sabine Lake.Speckled Trout are showing up in small schools, no birds, but things are turning around. This time of year is feast or famine. The fish are out there, you just need to find a few hungry ones to make your day. Staying out of the strong South Winds is not so hard with miles of protected shoreline on the Louisiana Shoreline.

March 12,2016 Spring Flounder Run? We started the day working birds, caught a decent Speck in the first five minutes. Then the birds vanished? Could not find the Specks after that. So, with no birds, no bait, nothing in sight on the open lake, we hit the L.A. shoreline and ducked out of the wind.The wind kicked up, so we fished marsh drains and shorelines the rest of the day. There were bait fish and Flounder just about everywhere we went. We had to measure just about every Flounder. The smallest one was about 13" and most were 13-1/2" and up.Harold threw back 3 or 4, foot every one he kept. He ended up with 6 keepers. Lost a couple more nice ones at the boat, but that is Flounder fishing. Caught most of the Flounder on Gulp, and a few on Marsh Minnows. Water temperature was up to 71 degrees, water color was probably the best I have seen in a while.  

Spring has Sprung, so everything should just keep getting better from here on out.

January 3,2016 Weatherman said sunny skies and a nice day. It was cold and raining when we left the boat ramp. After about an hour or two, it did stop raining and turned out to be a really nice winter day. North winds were calm enough to run the entire lake. Kind of a tough day of fishing, but we did manage to catch some nice Redfish, Speckled Trout, and a Flounder. First cast, we were quite surprised after a long hard battle, a big alligator was pulled up to the boat. The Gator showed his back, straightened out the hook, and took off, after a 30 minute fight. I thought it was a big drum at first, but it was an Alligator.  Did catch a mess of Sheepshead and Black Drum. We caught some Speckled Trout under some flocks of birds, but it was hard to get any size to them. Caught some Trout on a Fat Boy Corkie and Gulp minnows. Caught a lot more fish on Live Shrimp. Water temperature was from 51 to 58 degrees.

December  26, 2015  Extremely Windy, Windy, 25 mph+ for days. The nice thing about Sabine Lake, is there are still plenty of places to fish even under rough windy conditions. Birds were actually trying to work or looking for action, much like we were. I think we did better than they did. It was mostly catch and release today. Caught a half a dozenSpeckled Trout, a couple of Flounder, and must have been 12-15 Redfish. The bite was slow and scattered. We pretty much stayed close to the shoreline out of the wind. The water color and clarity was not bad. The water conditions have been pretty bad this last year. The fish pretty much have to adjust and deal with it,like everybody else. The saving grace today is that there are a lot of Redfish in Sabine lake. We did manage to catch fish just about all day. 

November 15, 2015 Started off kind of slow. Did not get to fish for Flounder, so we did the next best thing. Fish for Redfish and Speckled Trout. It was pretty much non-stop excitement all day. The wind calmed down and made for an extremely pleasant day of fishing on Sabine Lake. Most fish were caught with Gulp 4" white shrimp (go big, or go home). Birds were working all over the lake. the ratio of small to medium Speckled Trout were about 2:1. You would catch 2 small ones to one keeper. We ended up with 20 Trout, so we probably caught about 60. The Redfish were "all" keepers, ended up with 10. We hit one school of Redfish and caught 3 Reds between 25"-28", along with some Specks mixed in. Charles Jr. landed a huge 22" Flounder, his Personal Best, on a Gulp Shrimp, in about 2-3 feet of water. The Flounder spit up a 6" Shad, with the 4" Gulp Shrimp in her mouth. Richard had never caught a Redfish in his life. Today he caught 2, and one was 28". the 120 qt. Igloo, was full to the top with fish, we were running out of room, and ice. Joe is holding up a 28" Redfish, and behind him you see a flock of birds working.  Ended up being the perfect Winter/Fall day of fishing and fun. 

November 1, 2015 Rained all day Saturday, Stopped raining Sunday long enough for me to hit Sabine Lake around 2:00. First cast a dink Speck. The second cast a 28" Redfish. After about an hour, I had my limit of Redfish. All 24" - 28" on artificial. Pretty much non-stop action for 2 hours.  Live bait would not help much. Best lures should "Shake, Rattle, or Roll", something so the fish can see, or smell. The North End of Sabine Lake is so muddy. It is worst I have seen it all year. Including the Spring with the non- stop floods. The Redfish, Speckled Trout, Birds, and Shrimp did not seem to mind. Almost everywhere I stopped, I could see shrimp jumping across the water. There were many big flocks of Gulls, but they were not much help. The Small Speckled Trout, 12"-14" were under every bird.  

October 17th & 18th,  2015  25 mph+ wind knocked out mny Topwater bite. Did manage to catch a mess of Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder. Too windy for Topwater plugs. Caught most of the Specks on live shrimp. Pretty much all day. Still a lot of shrimp moving out of the marshes. Outgoing tide seems to work the best. Neil and his dad had a great time catching fish. Neil lives in Michigan and did not take long to figure out what  Texas Saltwater Fishing was all about. Neil caught the Redfish and most of the Big Speckled Trout. That was OK, because his dad enjoyed every minute watching him catch another fish. Ended the afternoon at the North End of Sabine Lake. The afternoon bite produced some nice Speckled Trout. They were scattered, but we would catch 1 or 2 most every drift. There are a lot of small Speckled Trout all over. The birds are working, but don't waste much time there. After the last couple of days working the birds, I think we may have caught 1 keeper Trout. Not good, so you would do better not to chase after them. Sunday morning was the worst with the incoming tide. We managed to catch some nice Trout. Hayden caught the biggest and maybe the most Trout ever, in his life. Again, his father enjoyed every minute of fishing with both of his son's. Any day a father and son spends time together on the water, it is a special day, to enjoy and make new memories. So, for all you dad's out there, you need to take your kids fishing. It does not matter how old your kids are either. They can be 5 or 50, the memories last 2 lifetimes. 

October 11,2015  Topwater Bite back on, lost my favorite Skitterwalk. Lost it after landing more Trout and Redfish. Best bite was early, in about 2'-3' over mud and shell. But managed to keep the Topwater Action going almost till noon. Did catch a couple of Specks on Gulp 4" white shrimp, and on live shrimp, but most fish were caught on Topwater Lures. Lost my favorite Bone color Skitterwalk (all worn and scratched up by years of torment) by lifting a Speck up out of the water without a net, the line just broke with the Speck all hooked up. From now on I will use the net on any lure I want to keep.What another beautiful Fall day on the water, light winds, and the water was in pretty good shape. Shrimp jumping out of the water almost everywhere we went. Balls of Shad, and huge schools of mullet are visible when the winds lighten up. Birds were pretty active from early in the morning to late in the day. One Redfish swallowed a Skitterwalk, and a big Flounder sucked a Gulp Shrimp so far down, we just cut the hook and retrieved it at the end of the day .Lost a Pink & Silver Skitterwalk too.  Had a great day on the water and ended up with a Texas Slam + a Speckled Trout Limit.

October 3,2015 Topwater Bite still there, but not as strong, or as long, but still there.  More Specks than Redfish today. Sight casting to shrimp jumping out of the water, makes it fun and easy, catching Trout today. The Speckled Trout chasing shrimp all morning was a excellent till about noon. Went on to the Sabine Pass Jetties, and the action was fast and furious. Speckled Trout got bigger and so did the sharks. It is fun catching sharks for a little while. Mostly catch and release. Once you catch one, there is a short fight, and they release themselves, one way or the other. Got one nice Redfish to the boat, but it wanted no part of us, it was gone. Lost more fish, hooks, and live shrimp, than I could count (even with wire leaders). Ended up fishing the channel in Sabine Pass with a couple of more Trout in the box and a Flounder.  A lot of small Flounder showing up all over, hope they start getting bigger?

September 26,2015 Super Moon, Super Day of fishing.  Another beautiful Fall day, and the fish could not be hungrier. Started off at daylight catching Speckled Trout on Skitterwalks. Then Redfish, and more Trout, and more Redfish. We were catching Specks and Redfish on topwater lures for 4-5 hours. I do not remember catching them for that long, ever. We started catching around 7:00 and did not really try anything else till the afternoon. We had a blast, on every blow up. I lost 3 or 4 Skitterwalk lures to probably the Redfish? Not sure, because we did not get a chance to see them. Most of our fish were caught  in 2'-3' of water, over shell and mud. Sight casting to shrimp jumping out of the water kind of was like cheating, but you take it, when you can get it. I saw 2 Redfish fighting to eat 1 shrimp. Everybody was tied up, or you could have thrown anything at them. Brock from Michigan, had not went fishing in fifteen years, and never caught a Speckled Trout or Redfish, but it did not take him long to get the hang of it. There were a lot of 19" Reds, and 14" Trout, but it did not lessen the excitement on the Topwater bite. Lures flying out of the water, or disappearing after a water explosion. When the bite did slow down, Live shrimp produced some good fish. The last cast of the day produced a nice speck on a Pink skitterwalk (I ran out of black, and white ones). Nick and his brother Brock had a great day of fishing together, catching fish pretty much all day.

September 19,2015 Weather could not be nicer. Cool morning, beautiful sunrise, light north wind, great Fall weather. We had a slow morning, missed a big Speck Topwater strike, while looking everywhere but at the lure, but that 's O.K. .Fished the North End of Sabine Lake, have not done that in a while. Not many Lady fish, that was kind of nice. The Trout were on the small side, but caught some everywhere we stopped, so that was good. The water was in decent condition, birds were hanging around, but worked the shrimp boats in the I.C.W. more than the lake. That was also good to see the shrimp boats working, pretty much all day. So, the shrimp are moving out of the marsh. Caught some nice Speckled Trout, but caught way more smaller ones. Same way with the Flounder. There are a ton of Flounder, but we had to catch 10 to keep 1. Did not have that problem with the Redfish. The Reds were mostly in the upper slot range. Towards the end of the day, in the middle of Sabine Lake,  we came across huge schools of mullet and shad. Had to be 2 square miles of them. Caught some big Gafftops, and a big Flounder underneath them. Caught pretty much everything that swims, caught Specks, Flounder and Redfish all day, really enjoyed the company and the  weather.  

September 6, 2015 Labor Day weekend, back to Sabine Pass Jetties. Sharks, then Spanish Mackerel,Speckled Trout, and literally a ton of Needle Nose Gar fish. There were so many, Redfish and Spanish Mackerel were tearing through huge schools of the bait robbers. Worked our way into Sabine Lake and were met by hoards of Lady Fish.  Started catching Speckled Trout along the Louisiana Shoreline, but there were a lot of small ones. After a while, we changed the scenery, and went back to Sabine Pass in the channel.  We caught a few more Trout, some pretty decent, but we still had to deal with the pesky Lady Fish and some smaller Trout. All in all, not a bad day. There is no problem catching fish, or getting something to bite. The problem is finding the right fish, the right size. There is plenty of active fish, but we still had to work, to put fish in the ice chest. 

September 7, 2015  Labor Day!! Another beautiful day. We kept missing the rain, but taking advantage of the shade from every passing cloud. Late start, but still heading to the Jetties. First cast, Sharks, and Spanish Mackerel. More Sharks, more Mackerel, then those pesky Needle Nose Garfish. Not as many as the day before.  We worked our way back to Sabine Lake, and again, culling through the small Speckled Trout. The Louisiana Shoreline was still full of Speckled Trout and Redfish. We found one school of Reds, but mostly Trout, with more Lady Fish. Birds were working huge schools of Lady Fish. If you can put up with them, there are some bigger Trout under them. It is annoying, but it is better than nothing. Megan managed the biggest Speckled Trout of the day, in the open lake, fishing under the schooling Lady Fish. Another day of fun in the sun, taking full advantage of Labor Day on Sabine Lake. Hope ya'll had as much fun as we did.


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​Sabine Lake Fishing Report


August 16, 2015, First stop, the Sabine Pass Jetties. With a wind coming out of the north and east, you just have to go to the jetties.  We were not disappointed. Black Drum, Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, and Sharks. Lots of Sharks!! The lady Fish were thick, and finally ran us off. Ended up in Sabine Lake, again, chasing shrimp coming out of the marsh. Also multiple large  schools of shad showing up. First flock of gulls actually working Speckled Trout was a welcome sight. We did not stay long, because of storm coming across the lake. We out ran that storm, only to meet a much worse storm about a 1/4 mile from the boat ramp. Summer thunder showers can be dangerous, so be careful. We were lucky to be so close to the ramp, even though we got wet. While sitting in the truck, it looked like 3 storms met in the same place. High winds, hail, monsoon rains, and lightning that did not stop. We were lucky, there were some people not so lucky, but looks like everybody made in safely. 

August 15,2015 Sabine Jetties, Sabine Jetties, Spanish Mackerels dominated where we were at. Some sharks, but mostly Spanish Mackerels. Bull Reds showed up as well. The boat looked like an offshore  crime scene with all the blood everywhere.  With an icebox full of Spanish Mackerels, we decided a change might be in order. We worked the Louisiana Shoreline and chased pockets shrimp and shad getting hammered. Lots of  Flounder, most were small. But the Redfish were 20'-25". Had a good day, and  up with a box of Redfish and Spanish Mackerels. 

August 8,2015 Sabine Lake, still hot!! Tina, first time ever went Saltwater fishing caught a 23" Speckled Trout, for her first Trout , ever. Not a bad way to start. The Trout were either big or little. Same way with Flounder and Redfish. Saturday was a little slow, but we managed to keep catching fish just about all day. The bite has been really good, or really tough. It varies from day to day. 

July 18, 2015 Light House Cove, did not waste much time there. The people outnumbered the fish. The Texas side of the Sabine Pass Jetties was terrible. The winds out of the west, just muddied up the water and it was rough. So, went into the main body of Sabine Lake. First cast, a Speckled Trout. The Specks apparently moved from the Pass into Sabine Lake.The Trout action was pretty much non-stop all day. When the action slowed down and had a bunch of specks in the ice chest. We worked the Louisiana Shoreline in search of some Flounder. We started catching Flounder on the first cast. Probably caught 6 or 7 Flounders in thirty minutes. They were small, but hungry. All the Flounder were caught in the mouths of the bayous. Caught  Redfish while working the shoreline. Saw a couple of shrimp jumping around in the waters edge, that was good to see. Caught a few on live shrimp, but most of the fish were caught on Gulp's, Bass Assasins, and Rattle Traps.The fishing action seems more like Spring than Summer. With all the fresh water we have had this year, the fishing patterns have changed. The fish are still trying to do what they always do (eat, reproduce, and eat some more). So, if the fish have to make adjustments, then the successful fisherman, must do the same. 


June 27, 2015 Strong west winds on the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast are not your friend. Light House Cove produced some decent Speckled Trout, but there were a lot of small ones. The boats thinned out, because most people were not catching anything. If you are not in the right place on the reef, it will make all the difference. The bite was on, we were non stop busy. When the bite turned off, it was off. Made a run to the Sabine Jetties and the west wind had the surf turned to mud. We just turned around and fished the Bayous along the Louisiana Shoreline. With Specks in the ice box, we spent the rest of the day chasing Flounder, Redfish, and Alligator Gar the rest of the day.Really caught the Alligator Gar by accident, trying to catch Redfish. They put up a good fight in the shallow water as well. The nice thing about Sabine Lake is no matter how bad the wind and water conditions may be, there are still plenty of places to fish.

Fathers Day June 21,2015  Redfish in Keith Lake,saved us. Light House Cove was a bust. The Jetties proved to rough for the strong south winds. The Louisiana Shoreline had plenty of bait, but we only caught small fish, nothing big enough to keep. Lucky we pulled out and went to Keith Lake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  June 7, 2015  Sabine Pass, 4 weeks in a row, of Trout or Redfish limits.  Water is slightly better, wind was calm, people were all over.  Got a late start, but it did not take long to find the fish. Started with live shrimp and caught a few nice Trout. As the day went on, we moved to Rattle Traps and Bass Assasins (Opening Night). Started in the Sabine Pass Channel, and ended up at the Sabine Pass Jetties. While at the Jetties, everyone had to tangle with a Jack, at least once. All three took turns landing a huge Jack. Kristen hooked in to a little smaller Jack and landed it all by herself. The Jacks were caught on 12# lb. test and light spinning reels. Maria, was her first time to catch a Speckled Trout, and she caught the biggest.  Lots of schools of shad, big and little. The Specks are gorging on all the little shad. The big Jacks are feeding on the schools of larger shad.

May 30, 2015  Sabine Pass, Sabine River and Neches River over flood stage and more water coming down. The Speckled Trout fishing could hardly be any better. Live shrimp worked OK, but caught most of the Specks on Bass Assasins (Opening Night) and just about every Gulp I had in the tackle box. Caught 4 limits of Speckled Trout and had plenty of time to find some Redfish. Found a Big Jack at the jetties. We were drug for about 2 miles headed to Galveston. The last time it surfaced, He spit the hook out. All we wanted to do was take a picture, but he wanted no part of us. Never did find a Red, just more Trout. Had a great day, never got rained on, actually got sunburned. Kept forty Specks, probably released another 10+ or more keepers (did not want to go over the limit). Threw back probably 40 or 50+ undersized Trout. 

May 24, 2015  Sabine Lake, Sabine Pass - Flash Flood, rain, windy, flood tides, water off color, and fresh. Conditions could not be much worse. The fish are adjusting to such conditions. Left around noon, after the storm front passed through. The first bite I got stripped all the line off my reel and never stopped running to the Gulf of Mexico? Moved to the next spot, and I was not there for five minutes and Speckled Trout were literally jumping out of the water on a feeding frenzy. They were almost jumping all around, and almost in the boat (I have not seen that in a while).Most of the Specks were 18" - 20", Kept 10, threw back about 20. Caught them on live shrimp and Gulp. They probably would have hit anything non-stop for over an hour. I had a fishing trip, but they cancelled because of the bad weather, so I used the live shrimp. To bad they cancelled, they could of had a blast and limited out.